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Another stall?

Roberto Lo Giacco
Hi all,
recently all the activity on dbUnit has stopped again. I don't really
know what's the reason of this stall but I feel my responsibility to
keep this project moving.

There are many unresolved issues and non completed activities pending,
like the POMs topic, the integration test platform, the new design,
the codehaus platform and so on. I'm not going to start again those
conversation, a quick search on the list archive (for the messages
routed on sourceforge) can provide enough info to participate in the

It is possible someone on the users list could have interest in
participating too.

The point is I want to inform you all that this is the moment to step
up and participate if you want to get involved in our project and that
in the next few days I'll try to get the project out of this stall on
my own if none has the will to actively and concretely give us an

Some stuff has to be done and it will be.

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