Any chances for moving to GitHub?

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Any chances for moving to GitHub?

Bartosz Majsak
Hi guys,

as a long time GitHub user I find it a bit cumbersome to even find the way how I could potentially contribute to DBUnit which I've been using for years. To be honest I have no clue how to do it through SourceForge besides attaching patches.

I am creator of Arquillian Persistence Extension which heavily relies on DBUnit and would love to get some of my bits merged into the core (for instance YAML and JSON datasets). I have also noticed that other people were offering some contributions to DBUnit putting their code on GitHub. I believe it would be way easier for all of us to get involved and contribute.

Therefore I would like to ask you if you consider moving there. If so I can help you setting everything up:

* Moving Git repo (that's obvious)
* Migrating issues (this could be a good starting point)
* Bringing CI (also for pull requests - see how JBoss Forge guys can easily verify code contributions against their master)
* And so on (eg. revamped website hosted together under dbunit organization umbrella under github)

Let's improve "getting involved" step by simplifying it and move this great framework forward. 

What do you think about it?


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Re: Any chances for moving to GitHub?

I think that would be awesome.  I think Github has a much easier to use forking/pull request model, and a stronger community.