DatabaseTester appears to ignore the DataTypeFactory configuration

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DatabaseTester appears to ignore the DataTypeFactory configuration


I've got this piece of code:

IDatabaseTester t = ... (get the instance) ...;
DatabaseConfig c = t.getConnection().getConfig();
       new org.dbunit.ext.postgresql.PostgresqlDataTypeFactory());
       new FlatXmlDataSetBuilder().setColumnSensing(true)

However, I still get 10 repetitions of the classic warning during the onSetup call:

WARN org.dbunit.dataset.AbstractTableMetaData - Potential problem found: The configured data type factory 'class org.dbunit.dataset.datatype.DefaultDataTypeFactory' might cause problems with the current database 'PostgreSQL' (e.g. some datatypes may not be supported properly).

I've found a related question in the archives (over a year old), where the user had the same warnings, but was mainly asking about an unrelated error. Only the error part got answered, and this issue remained unsettled.

My version of dbUnit is 2.4.9, fetched by Maven.

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