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Yves Brise

I'm designing a test framework using dbunit. I collect expected data from a database (using a QueryDataSet which I funnel into a DefaultDataSet by applying getTables to the QueryDataSet). Similarly, I collect the actual data set from a different database. This actual data represents the result of a data integration that I run before checking for the actual data. I use the same approach, but different Java method for obtaining this two sets of data.

When comparing the two data sets, I get a lot of differences resulting from dates and timestamps. There are two basic types of mismatches. For example:

1) Timestamp '01-JAN-00' interpreted as the year 2000 in one data set and as the year 3000 in the other data set.

2) Date '01-JAN-08' is interpreted differently in the two data sets as well. It adds a time in the comparison. In one it says '12:00:00.0' (I guess noon) and in the other one it says '00:00:00.0' (I guess midnight).

When I look at the two DBs the contents seems to be exactly the same. So I naturally thought, it has something to do with the nls session parameters of the connections I use to obtain the data. I did a comparison and they look absolutely the same. The schemas report the same nls paramaters, and the DB is actually the same, so it must have the same nls parameters. I also tried setting the session parameters explicitly to NLS_DATE_LANGUAGE='ENGLISH'; to no avail.

Can anybody help? I'm a little lost. I can provide more detail about how I build the data sets if needed. Any help is greatly appreciated.


PS I use an Oracle DB 12c.


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