DbUnit 2.4.5 : problem with a dataset having one table used differently

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DbUnit 2.4.5 : problem with a dataset having one table used differently

christophe blin
I was previously using dbunit 2.1

I upgrade to 2.4.5

I now have a problem with a dataset that I did not have before.

  <table nullableFK="123" />
  <table2 ... />
  <table anotherNullableFK="456" />

=> fail with a message "constraint key violation on nullableFk" (I presume
for the second row because if I reverse the 2 lines, the violation is on

  <table2 ... />
  <table nullableFK="123" />
  <table anotherNullableFK="456" />

=> success

My conclusion is that NOW I need to have the all the records of a table

Does anyone knows about this problem ?

N.B: the dependency of the pom in repo1.maven.org does not specify a version
for slf4j BUT it does not work when you do not have the method
Logger.isTraceEnabled which appears in 1.4 of slf4j (and so you may need to
upgrade log4j to at least v12)

Christophe Blin
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