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DbUnit Ant Task Compare DiffCollectingFailureHandler

Bourne, Andrew



We are using the DbUnit Compare Ant Task to compare our baselines, however DBUnit fails immediately on the first mismatch.  I have found the below extract from the website


By default, dbunit immediately fails when the first data difference was found. Starting with dbunit 2.4 it is possible to register a custom FailureHandler which lets users specify which kinds of exceptions to be thrown and how to handle the occurrences of data differences. Using the DiffCollectingFailureHandler you can avoid an exception to be thrown on a data mismatch so that you can evaluate all results of the data comparison afterwards.


Can the FailureHandler and DiffCollectingFailureHandler be configured in the Ant task


I would also like to write a column value (Unique ID) with the data difference to the log file to enable us to review which test case failed.  Is this possible




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