DbUnit Framework 2.4.6 (stable) is out!

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DbUnit Framework 2.4.6 (stable) is out!

Roberto Lo Giacco-4
The DbUnit Framework team is pleased to announce the dbunit-2.4.6 release!

Changes in this version include:

New features:
o Add support for interval type on postgres  Issue: 284432. Thanks to
o Support for Postgres' inet types  Issue: 2824505. Thanks to agnul.
o Support for Postgresql Enum  Issue: 2833897. Thanks to user2037.
o Support for Oracle ROWID
o DBUnit support for Netezza database  Issue: 2828869. Thanks to amit3011.

Fixed Bugs:
o DefaultDataSet is incompatible w/ AbstractDataSet's IDataSet  Issue:
2797698. Thanks to mkienenb.
o XlsTable - empty excel columns cause problem  Issue: 2818981. Thanks
to verreckenk.
o primaryFilterKey is not always respected  Issue: 2823165. Thanks to
o Nullable tinyint on mysql cannot be inserted  Issue: 2831696. Thanks
to kalpana.
o Unify dbunit features and properties  Issue: 2806016. Thanks to gommma.
o DB2 problem with schema names  Issue: 2838922. Thanks to matthieus.
o Numbers with more than 19 digits cannot be saved in a BIGINT column  
Issue: 2858410. Thanks to acecacec.
o Sybace - SQLHelper.getDatabaseInfo exception
getDatabaseMajorVersion()  Issue: 2854788. Thanks to olibye.

o Changed some verbose logging statements from INFO to DEBUG level
o AbstractTableMetaData hardcoded dependency on IDataTypeFactory  Issue:
2856524. Thanks to jbhurst.

For a manual installation, you can download the dbunit-2.4.6 here:

Have fun!
- DbUnit Framework team

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