Extract SubSet of Dependent Tables

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Extract SubSet of Dependent Tables

Hi guys I am using DBUnit to try and extract just 1 or 2 rows from a live database in the organisation and store the root table and its dependent tables in a dataset.

IDataSet depSet = TablesDependencyHelper.getDataset(dbConnection, "SCHEMA.TABLE",
                new HashSet(Arrays.asList(new Double(2000000051711.000))));
        FlatXmlWriter depsWriter = new FlatXmlWriter(new FileOutputStream("TableDeps.xml"));

I always seem to get an OutOfMemory exception with this approach and I can't seem to just extract the rows where the ID = 2000000051711.000.

The database in question is HUGE, hundreds of thousands or rows and is a DB2 database, is there any way I can get around this problem?

Is it possible to use a StreamingDataSet for dependent table database extraction?

Thanks for any help you can provide.