FW: Are unique indexes necessary for an export?

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FW: Are unique indexes necessary for an export?

Jenny, Albert


I have working DbUnit test cases in a Java Spring environment.   The data for these cases is exported table by table as follows:




                       "SELECT * FROM CLASSIFIER"


              FlatXmlDataSet.write(partialDataSet, new FileOutputStream("CLASSIFIER.xml"));


This all works fine. 


I would like to export the entire DB, however, and I get the following


Exception in thread "main" org.dbunit.dataset.DataSetException: com.sybase.jdbc3.jdbc.SybSQLException: The optimizer could not find a unique index which it could use to scan table 'ACTION_ENTITY_TYPE_X' for cursor 'jconnect_implicit_1'.


I assume this means that the export wants a unique index for each table it exports.  In most cases we have those, but we do have a few tables that do not have unique indexes.  Is there any way to make the unique index optional?


Thanks in advance,



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