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Foreign key to same table

Thomas Scheffler

I recently came across the suggestion to use dbunit to migrate data
between different database vendors. While initially successful I came
into trouble when rows in tables references other rows of the same table.


internalID: int
name: varchar
parent: int (foreign key to internalID)

Now the tricky part is that the order entries in the IDataSet is not
deterministic. Is there a way, like for tables, to write out referenced
rows before referencing rows?

Currently I use this code to get the IDataSet:

ITableFilter filter = new DatabaseSequenceFilter(jdbcConnection);
IDataSet dataSet = jdbcConnection.createDataSet();
return new FilteredDataSet(filter, dataSet);

Neither Google or the API helped me to get further with that problem, so
I think it is not possible out of the box.

Did anybody faced this problem and found a working solution?



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