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Howto get dependent table rows




I have a lot of tables with foreign key relations. For this example, suppose I've a USER table and an ADDRESS table:



|id|street            |nr |city                 |


|1|Abbeystreet|2  |London          |




|id|name                      |address(FK)|


|1|Charlie Chaplin     |1                      |

|2|Shirley Chaplin      |1                     |

|3|Vincent van Gogh|2                     |

|4|Theo van Gogh     |2                      |



I've succesfully exported all data and its dependent tables using the USER table as 'main' table:

QueryDataSet queryDataSetToExport = new QueryDataSet(connection);

String[] depTableNames = TablesDependencyHelper.getAllDependentTables( connection, "USER" );

for (String tableName : depTableNames) {




But now comes my problem. I would like to export only the data of USER 'Vincent van Gogh'  but including its dependent data (address).

I know I could use a QueryDataSet to do a select, but how to resolve the dependent table rows without exporting the addresses I'm not interrested in?

QueryDataSet queryDataSetToExport = new QueryDataSet(connection);

queryDataSetToExport.addTable("USER", "SELECT * FROM USER WHERE name='Vincent van Gogh'");


Does anybody have a solution for this?





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