PostgresqlDataTypeFactory does not recognizes enum list

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PostgresqlDataTypeFactory does not recognizes enum list

Alfonso Izquierdo
Dear all,

I'm using DBUnit for an integration test, and before executing the test code I'm running into this error:

badges.track_types data type (2003, '_text') not recognized and will be ignored. See FAQ for more information.

org.dbunit.dataset.NoSuchColumnException: badges.TRACK_TYPES -  (Non-uppercase input column: track_types) in ColumnNameToIndexes cache map. Note that the map's column names are NOT case sensitive.

the column that is ignored is a list of enums. In the dataset it's written like this : track_types="{TRACK_GENERIC}"

I looked in the DBUnit FAQ and saw the enum issue with postgres ( ) , that says that I have to override the isEnumType() method to support my enum is Postgresql, so I did this:

 * Override method to set custom properties/features
protected void setUpDatabaseConfig(DatabaseConfig config) {

    config.setProperty(DatabaseConfig.PROPERTY_DATATYPE_FACTORY, new PostgresqlDataTypeFactory(){
        public boolean isEnumType(String sqlTypeName) {
                return true;
            return false;
    config.setProperty(DatabaseConfig.PROPERTY_METADATA_HANDLER, new DefaultMetadataHandler());

But I still get the same error, and I don't know why. Maybe I'm not overriding well the method? Maybe it's not even the cause of my problem? If you need any other code just ask, thanks!


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