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Primary key filter for composite key


I am trying to create primary key filter to handle a handful of tables that have composite primary key in my database. My code is similar to below.

public class DBUnitPrimaryKeyFilter implements IColumnFilter {
private Map<String, List<String>> primaryKeys;
public DBUnitPrimaryKeyFilter() {
primaryKeys = new HashMap<>();
primaryKeys.put("table1", Arrays.asList(new String[] {"key1", "key2"}));
public boolean accept(String tableName, Column column) {
if (primaryKeys.containsKey(tableName)) {
return primaryKeys.get(tableName).contains(column.getColumnName());
return false;

But now I have to add every single table and primary key in my database into this hashmap. What is the better way so I don't have to add all tables into the hashmap? Can I fallback to default DBUnit primary key detection for tables that are not in the hashmap?


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