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comparing 2 tables

Rachna Jotwani

I want to compare 2 tables and check what new rows were added , which ones were modified between version 1 and version2.

When I run this code I get the foolwing error.

I thought if I use the DiffCollectingFailureHandler , it should not throw the data mismatch error.

Is something like this supported, or should I be exporting the 2 tables to an xml file and compare the 2 xml files.


Exception in thread "main" org.dbunit.assertion.DbComparisonFailure[row count (table=TABLE1_VER1)expected:<3430>but was:<3423>]

       at org.dbunit.assertion.DefaultFailureHandler$DefaultFailureFactory.createFailure(

       at org.dbunit.assertion.DefaultFailureHandler.createFailure(

       at org.dbunit.assertion.DbUnitAssert.assertEquals(

       at org.dbunit.Assertion.assertEquals(

       at SampleTest.main(


public class SampleTest


    public static void main(String[] args) throws Exception


        // database connection

        Class driverClass = Class.forName("oracle.jdbc.driver.OracleDriver");

        Connection jdbcConnection = DriverManager.getConnection(

                "jdbc:oracle:thin:@oracleserver:1521:oraclesid", "schema_version1", "schema_version1");

        IDatabaseConnection connection = new DatabaseConnection(jdbcConnection);


        String id = DatabaseConfig.FEATURE_QUALIFIED_TABLE_NAMES;

        DatabaseConfig config = connection.getConfig();

        config.setFeature(id, true);

        // partial database export

        QueryDataSet partialDataSet = new QueryDataSet(connection);

        partialDataSet.addTable("TABLE1_VER1", "SELECT * FROM schema_version1.TABLE1");

        partialDataSet.addTable("TABLE1_VER2", "SELECT * FROM schema_version2.TABLE1");       



        DiffCollectingFailureHandler myHandler = new DiffCollectingFailureHandler();




        List diffList = myHandler.getDiffList();

        Difference diff = (Difference)diffList.get(0);





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