dbUnit 2.5.2 Released

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dbUnit 2.5.2 Released

Jeff Jensen-2
Changes in this version include:

New features:
o Do not explicitly insert null into NOT NULL columns with DEFAULT.  Issue: 185. Thanks to mattias78. 
o Add toString() to XlsTable and StreamingIterator.  Issue: 187. 
o Postgres CITEXT data type support.  Issue: 189. Thanks to zemertz. 
o Add PrepAndExpectedTestCaseSteps for lambdas and eliminating try/catch/finally template for PrepAndExpectedTestCase. 

Fixed Bugs:
o Multi schema support in FlatXmlDataSets.  Issue: 368. Thanks to warwing. 

o dbunit.org domain owner did not renew it; fix links.  Issue: 367. 
o Make AbstractDataFileLoader.loadDataSet public and pull up to DataFileLoader interface. 

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