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dbunit-maven-plugin, 1.0-beta-3, escapePattern

Christoph Neumann



I have a question about dbunit-maven-plugin (I am using 1.0-beta-3).


The online documentation tells me that escapePattern is supported:



I want to configure via Maven the equivalent to

dbConfig.setProperty(DatabaseConfig.PROPERTY_ESCAPE_PATTERN, "\"?\"");


However, in XML I did try several combinations, but none of them did have any influence on the quoting:















                    <!-- "?" -->

                    <!-- \"?\" -->

                    <!-- &quot;?&quot; -->

                    <!-- \&quot;?\&quot; -->

                    <!-- &quot; -->

                    <!-- \&quot; -->

                    <!-- " -->

                    <!-- \" -->



Is the dbunit-maven-plugin option escapePattern probably broken, or am I missing something?


Kind regards



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