issue executing the ANT DBUnit task with XLS format

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issue executing the ANT DBUnit task with XLS format

Mario Rodriguez-2

In previous versions of DBUnit I was able to execute the following target:

    <target name="refresh-local-database" depends="recreate-local-database">
        <taskdef name="dbunit" classname=" org.dbunit.ant.DbUnitTask" classpathref="tools" />
        <dbunit driver="" url="jdbc:db2://server:port/dbname" userid="user" password="pwd" schema="schema">
                <pathelement location="${driver.classpath}" />
            <operation type="CLEAN_INSERT" format="xls" src="${basedir}/dbunit/testData.xls" />

I just turned to Java 1.5 with DBUnit 2.2 and executing this target I got an error because "XLS" is not a valid input and looking at the documentation I found this:

Format type of supplied source file. Possible values are "flat" or "xml". Defaults to "flat"


Does it mean the ant DBUnit task no longer supports input from Excel files ?

Mario Rodriguez
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